Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy

Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy

Tucked Away Tradition 


Shari, Fern's Edge Goat Dairy, Dexter Lake, ORShari Reyna and Fred Warner have been the caretakers of their little piece of paradise on a hillside at the base of Mt. Zion in the Cascade foothills a stone’s throw away from gorgeous Dexter Lake for over 40 years. They share the land with a boisterous heard of Alpine goats and a small creamery where they produce bottled raw goat’s milk, aged raw goat’s milk cheese and a dazzling array of fresh Chevre! I’ve been lucky enough to visit during kidding season when there are cute baby goats in abundance to snuggle and the other goats reach out for a scratch to let you know they’re still cute too. This is a wild time with new babies coming into the world sometimes a few a day Shari and Fred have to scramble to keep up with new additions to an already busy farm.

Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy, Dexter Lake, OROne of the things I appreciate about Fern’s Edge is that they are farmstead, that means that the milk for the cheese comes from the goats that are on the same land. There’s a freshness and a lightness to the cheese that has found fans with those that are usually turned off by goat cheese. I’ve thought of their Chevre as the mildest I’ve ever had for over a decade and the only thing that changes with the cheese are the variety of flavors! Sweet and savory, Fern’s Edge will satisfy with an array that can stun. Here are some pairings for the stash of cheesy goodness  I brought home from the Oregon Cheese Festival last month.                  



Balsamic Basil/Tomato Chevre – Chevre with chopped sundried tomatoes, basil and a pool of balsamic reduction, I’ve mixed this with tuna to top a salad, added to pasta and enjoyed with salami and olives.

Black Truffle Chevre, Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy, Dexter Lake, ORBlack Truffle Chevre – Chevre studded with bits of black truffle, try it crumbled over pizza or to top a steaming baked potato with chopped pan-fried pancetta. 


Lemon Chevre, Blueberry Chevre, Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy, Dexter Lake, ORLemon Drop Bright citrus in this dreamy Chevre, perfect for filling phyllo cups and garnishing with blueberries or topping pound cake. Blueberry Ginger My favorite flavor! I enjoy this between slices of French Toast and on 34Degrees vanilla crisps. Toasted Coconut Mango Tropical goodness, lovely crumbled over a salad with shrimp and toasted nuts also fantastic crumbled over baked snapper.

For more about Ferns' Edge check out their website fernsedgegoatdairy.com to see all the awesome cheeses and catch up baby goat pictures! 

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