December News

  • LJ Ranch, artisanal goat cheese, raw milk goat, Washington State goat cheese

    Clam Tides and Goat Cheese – L J Ranch

    The Long Beach Peninsula on the southwestern corner of Washington state has fantastic gems to explore! The pristine beaches of Ocean Park, the fun touristy shops of Long Beach and even a couple making goat’s milk cheese just outside of Oysterville. I stopped in at L J Ranch to find out more about them and definitely leave with some of their raw milk cheese! Jerry and Lisa Busenius have been making goat cheese for ten years and hope to continue for many more. They have a petite herd of registered French Alpine goats, 6 that they milk - the most...

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  • Crushing it!

    Crushing it!

    As my bottle of Olio Nuovo Arbequina from Oregon Olive Mill in Dayton, Oregon dwindles to dangerously low levels I can be comforted knowing that next weekend is the Olio Nuovo Festival! Durant Vineyards holds a vineyard and winery that has been operational since the 1970’s and is also the home of the first commercial olive oil mill in the state of Oregon. Using the olives from their own trees and from trusted partners in Northern California the milling began ten years ago. The old Italian saying “you plant grapes for your children and olives for your grandchildren” is reflected...

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  • Finding What Fits - St. Fiacre's Farm

    Finding What Fits - St. Fiacre's Farm

    Four years ago, CeAnne and Paul Kosel moved with their four adopted children to a 2-acre farm tucked away in Stayton, OR beginning a homestead lifestyle and a tea business. I’m thrilled to have some time out of CeAnne’s busy day to walk around the farm and talk about tea as she takes a short break from homeschooling and packing gift sets for the upcoming holiday markets and online orders. Our first stop on the tour is the green house and then the winterized garden. CeAnne points out the last feisty blooms of marigolds and borage as roosters’ scratch at...

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