Crushing it!

Crushing it!

As my bottle of Olio Nuovo Arbequina from Oregon Olive Mill in Dayton, Oregon dwindles to dangerously low levels I can be comforted knowing that next weekend is the Olio Nuovo Festival!

Durant Vineyards holds a vineyard and winery that has been operational since the 1970’s and is also the home of the first commercial olive oil mill in the state of Oregon. Using the olives from their own trees and from trusted partners in Northern California the milling began ten years ago. The old Italian saying “you plant grapes for your children and olives for your grandchildren” is reflected in this partnership. The 17 acres of olive trees at Durant are young and need time to properly establish, mature and produce more. Paul Durant whose parents founded Durant Vineyards, has a passion for how food can directly come from farm to table. The olives from California are picked at night, kept cool and then are combined with his olives for the milling to create a signature product. Milling usually starts in mid-October and visitors are encouraged to come and learn about the process.

This passion project has produced results and brought awards back to Oregon from prestigious contests such as the World Olive Oil Competition which is held in New York, NY every April. For 2018 alone Oregon Olive Mill was recognized for excellence with Gold Awards for their Frantoio, Mission, and Koroneiki oils.

Buttery, fruity, or grassy - mild to a bite of pepper on the finish – there is a great oil for everyone in the Oregon Olive Mill EVOO family! I do favor the Frantoio as an everyday oil but look forward to the Olio Nuovo for that extra fresh flavor and glowing bright yellow-green color.

The Olio Nuovo Festival is November 16th-18th from 10am to 4pm. I’m absolutely making the trip to tour the Olioteca, check out the Local Marketplace Tent and spend a little time (and money) in the fantastic gift shop!

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