Finding What Fits - St. Fiacre's Farm

Finding What Fits - St. Fiacre's Farm

Four years ago, CeAnne and Paul Kosel moved with their four adopted children to a 2-acre farm tucked away in Stayton, OR beginning a homestead lifestyle and a tea business.

I’m thrilled to have some time out of CeAnne’s busy day to walk around the farm and talk about tea as she takes a short break from homeschooling and packing gift sets for the upcoming holiday markets and online orders. Our first stop on the tour is the green house and then the winterized garden. CeAnne points out the last feisty blooms of marigolds and borage as roosters’ scratch at the soil nearby. She talks about the flowers, fruit and herbs grown on the farm and the partnerships she’s made with trusted farm families for other ingredients. We have an audience of chickens, a sheep and a goat as we leave the garden to head into the tea studio that Paul built on as an addition to their home.     

The tea studio is a warm and spacious area storing the gear for the tea business. In one corner is a bookshelf filled with glass jars of sorted herbs & flowers, a wall of shelving holds packaged teas and sourced ingredients, two dehydrators for drying fresh ingredients, a large blending table, office area and a table used for styling website photography. There’s still room for more storage and I’m amazed that this was all once in the living room and kitchen! St. Fiacre’s Farm strives to live up to its namesake – the Patron Saint of Gardener’s who was said to turn the land with his staff and cure ailments by way of miracles. A perfect benefactor to look over a family business focused on good health and providing a fit for the needs of their family. St. Fiacre's is primarily online with over 40 varieties of tea ranging from full bodied Mountain Hazel NOT Coffee to delicate Rose City Repose. Great informative videos, fun recipes for cooking with tea, assorted gift sets and even a Tea Club are also available on their website! Tea Club members receive a new blend every month, subscriptions can be purchased for one month or more - a truly unique gift for the tea lover in your life!


St. Fiacre’s Farm teas can also be found at:

Market of Choice

Roth’s Fresh Markets in Stayton, OR

LifeSource Natural Foods in Salem, OR

Newport Avenue Market & the High Desert Museum gift shop in Bend, OR

12/1/18 St. Fiacre’s Farm will be at the amazing Etsy Market in Salem, OR



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