NW Elixirs - Chef Andrew Garrett

NW Elixirs - Chef Andrew Garrett

Fighting Unlearning Food

Chef Andrew Garrett - NW Elixers - Wow your tastebuds with these delectable sauces.I’ve enjoyed knowing Andrew Garrett in many of his roles – the creator of NW Elixirs, Chef, Army veteran, Chopped contestant and all-around great guy. Now that I’ve been lucky enough to sit down and have deeper conversation with him, I like him even more! Continuing values instilled by his father growing up on a farm Andrew is an enthusiast supporter of farmers. He’s sought out partnerships with farmers that have the same passion for peppers and sustainable food systems. From SW Washington, Northern California, Western Idaho and South Carolina he sources the peppers and other vegetables that are blended to award winning heat, flavor and balance for his line of all-natural sauces carefully formulated without the refined sugars, gums, gluten and preservatives that are common in many sauces.

Since starting up in 2012 he’s learned to let go of some parts of his process for efficiency and scalability and that you can trust, delegate and still maintain quality. “I don’t have to chop and roast every single pepper”, he says and that was a big step for a Chef that loves to be hands on! He has also added staff for events and Tracie Bjugen took on the role as COO in October of 2017, which he says has been a gift and is grateful for all the experience and strategy she’s brought to the table.

Winning awards at competitions such as the International Flavor Awards, NYC Hott Sauce Expo, World Hott Sauce Awards, the Good Food Awards and write ups in GQ, Bon Appetit, Women’s Health and Esquire are validating of his hard work but Andrew is planning for more. With new products in R & D, consulting projects and hosting happy heat seekers in his booth at events to introduce them to his sauces the future is busy and bright for NW Elixirs!

For those that haven’t had the NW Elixir experience, I’ve enjoyed splashing theChef Andrew Garrett likes it HOT!  Original Hott Sauce over a scramble, the Hott Smoke is perfectly balanced for barbeque on the grill or in a pan, Verde Hott is warm and citrusy goodness over empanadas & fish tacos or you can kick it up to Rojo Hott heat and of course Chef Andrew Garrett - NW Elixers knocks them dead with great taste and versatility. Bangkok Hott tops a bowl of noodles like nobody’s business! For the fire eaters out there, grab a bottle of Hott Jolokia sauce with Ghost Pepper, the No. 5 will give you the burn you crave 😊. For events, shopping, tasty recipes and other info about NW Elixirs check out their website http://nwelixirs.com

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