About Kala

Welcome to Top O'Food Chain, my name is Kala and I love to read, talk, and think about food.  Raised in rural Missouri, I understand and appreciate the hard work involved in raising, growing and creating  great food.

As an Oregonian for over 20 years I've enjoyed abundant choices to bring to my table and to gatherings with family and friends. Portland, Oregon is known for encouraging local producers to innovate and be fantastically creative. The demand for amazing creations isn't exclusive to Portland, customers are seeking flavor and fresh options across the country and the globe!

While I started my 30-year career in restaurants, the last 12 years have centered around grocery retail. With experience selling, merchandising, buying and promotional planning at store and corporate level positions, I have well-honed insight and understanding in the specialty food industry. I've seen success and failure, celebrated victories as businesses grew and was sorrowful as some closed their doors forever. Let me share my experience with you!

I'm invested in seeing my clients reap the joys of success as the fruits of their labor feed the souls and bodies of customers clamoring for more. I will promote you shamelessly, connect you with opportunities for growth and strategically move your business to the next level. Let's get to work!

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Kala Nyx
Telephone: (503) 913-0537
Email: topofoodchainpromos@gmail.com