Promotional Services

Representing my clients in a positive and professional manner, I'll relay your story and vision to the customer-connecting you with your target audience. I'm committed to helping you meet your goals, build your brand and your customer base.

Promotional Services:

Product demonstrations at your retailer or special events.
Retail employee product education and training.
Understanding promotions - the perspective of the producer/retailer/distributor,  how to meet and exceed expectations.
Promotional planning - timing and strategies for increased placement on promotional calendars.

Consulting Services:

For Producers
Develop The Brand - product review, evaluation, how to launch and update a product line.
Taking the next step expansion/retail/distribution strategies.
Understanding the retailer and distributor mind.
For Retailers
New store set-up or remodel planning for specialty departments.
Tools for department operations, product tracking, food safety and merchandising.
New to being a buyer - strategies for success.
Understanding the producer and distributor mind.
For Distributors
Finding artisan products to fill the selection gap.
Understanding the retailer and producer mind - strategies for growth in sales and relationships. 
Gaining ground on promotional calendars.

For additional service, contact Kala for more information! 

Kala Nyx
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