"Kala's passion for all aspects of retail business is demonstrated each time she interacts with a Vendor, Producer, or Customer. Her knowledge of product trends, distribution, merchandising and promotion are an asset to all companies big or small."
                       -Patrick Lowen, Vice President of Culinary Operations, Market of Choice
"When we were just starting out with our food business, Kala was instrumental in getting us on our feet when it came to working with retail partners and the wholesale side of things. We were starting from scratch and had so much to learn! She provided feedback about packaging, helping us in our label design process in order to connect with our ideal customer and bring our costs down. She worked with us on our pricing strategy so, not only would we be successful, but our retailers would feel confident in placing our product on their shelves. Kala has been generous with her knowledge of the local and regional food scene, connecting us with new potential retailers, distributors and industry leaders. We are beyond excited to continue working with her to grow our farm and product line!"
-Laura Ellis, Mt. Hope Farms
"I have known Kala for several years and she is professional, knows her cheese and specialty foods better than most. Her passion is amazing and spills into everything she touches. You're in good hands when Kala's in charge.
-Marcella Wright ACS, CCP, Guilde des Fromagers,
ServSafe Certified FPM, ServSafe Certified Instructor/Proctor
"I had the pleasure of working with Kala for many years, when I was in distribution and she was my customer. Doing business with her was always a breeze because she understood exactly how to go about setting up effective promotions that really made an impact. Her insights could be a huge benefit to anyone, from producers, to distribution, to retail channels. Not only is she knowledgeable about so many aspects of the specialty food industry, but she is just an all-around great person: friendly, courteous, professional, and an infectious laugh! I guarantee with her experience and work ethic, she will get the job done for you."                                 
                             -Lisa Carlson ACS, CCP, former Account Executive at DPI Specialty Foods    
“Kala is great, she will be an asset to your company.”                                                                                        -Lori Hunter, Local Finds & Special Events Manager, New Seasons Market